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If you have been fortunate enough to maintain good Credit Score usually 660 and up)  Sheffield may be the lender for you. Please click below on the application and select Texas Pride as the manufacture , once you submit the application they will notify us shortly with their answer on your loan

I know lots of folks would like to finance your trailer purchase, although I don't do inhouse financing I can give you a few referrals here that are some really good folks to deal with...

We now have a Third office for COMMERCIAL FINANCING 

​If your company has been in buisness for two years or more Click the Stearns Bank Link Below

If your Credit has been a little challenged like most folks for the last couple of election cycles "Trailer Soloutions Financials" may be just the lender for you, if you have a 600 or better credit score and are looking at a $2000.00 to $7500.00 trailer these folks would like to try to earn your business

Please click below on the logo and fill out the application. 

Third Party Financing Options

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