• 7x12 bumper pull dump trailer

  • 7x14 bumper pull dump trailer

  • 7x16 bumper pull dump trailer

  • 7x18 bumper pull dump trailer

  • 8x14 bumper pull dump trailer

  • 8x16 bumper pull dump trailer

14,000 lb low profile dump trailer

14 & 16 Foot Heavy Dump Trailers , Our Specialty, We Offer Fast Trailer Delivery Right to Your Job Site

Dump Trailers 

  • Dual cylinder lift hoist system for the most lift  ( will lift more than competitors scissor in same size trailer)

  • Power up/power down pump w/ remote in locking pump box

  • Rectangular tube frame, stake pockets

  • 3 x 2 tube upper dump box frame, (so loaders cant bend it)

  • Stake pockets around the top (So taller sides can be easily added)

  • All required DOT lighting, rear lights encased in steel cages

  • 7x12 gooseneck dump trailer

  • 7x14 gooseneck dump trailer

  • 7x16 gooseneck dump trailer

  • 7x18 gooseneck dump trailer

  • 8x14 gooseneck dump trailer

  • 8x16 gooseneck dump trailer

  • 14,000 Pounds gvwr tandem  7,000 axles (both brake) Optional 16,000 Pounds

  • TIRES 235-85/16 14 Ply G (most use 10 ply)

  • 2 5/16” adjustable bumper pull or gooseneck coupler

  • Single 12k drop leg jack on bumper pulls

  • Dual 12k jacks on goosenecks

  • 1/8” thick steel bed and sides

  • Heavy Duty tread plate fenders

  • D-rings on floor, double swing doors with cam lock on rear

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