Free Dump Trailer Colors 

 Top Shelf Trailers is proud to offer FREECOLORS with the purchase of any Top Shelf Dump Trailer Purchase.  Free Color for your dump trailers means you no longer have to look like every other black trailer on the jobsite. Tour Dump Trailer will standout with  Bright Colors Get Noticed  More Often than Your competitors

Unlike our competitors at Big Tex, U-Dump, Triple Crown, And Diamond C , we will gladly paint your new heavy duty dump trailer one of our Sherwin Williams Sher Kem Colors.  The Following Slide show is an actual example of the paint after being applied and Standard No Charge Colors.

  Here at Top Shelf Trailers we believe your commercial duty dump trailer should look good for your customers as well as work hard. That's why we are proud to be one of the only manufactures in the country that is able to offer you a choice of five different Sherwin Williams paint colors and no additional charge. We can do this because we made the investment up front in our paint system to allow colors to be changed out in our main system without interrupting our production flow.