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 I am very proud to be one of the Best independent sellers in the country of  7 and 8 foot wide low profile and deck over dump trailer sales . I guess this comes from my family manufacturing them for so long in Florida and Georgia. Our line of Dump Trailers and Roll Off trailers are built by Top Shelf Trailer Manufacturing here in Florida and to keep up with high demand we also sell Texas Pride Trailers built and sold by some of our old Florida friends who moved to Texas to take advantage of the oilfield boom . Commercial landscapers, roofers, and the heavy construction industry just to name a few are the industries we serve with our OVERBUILT Dump Trailers.  Our manufacturing processes uses only the best steel, the best trailers axles, factory made molded sealed wiring harness, L.E.D lighting, as well as Industry leading anti corrosive primer and paint system to insure every Top Shelf Dump Trailer or Texas Pride Trailer provides years of service and value.

 Thank You for looking at us,  Mark Fleischer Jr. and Family

Big Louie Inspecting Hydraulic Cylinders      ( Or looking for bugs crawling under it             we're not sure )

Three generations of Fleischers.  Mark Sr. (Big Mark) , Mark Jr (Marky) , and our latest QC Inspector Mark Louis Fleischer III (Louie)

What Makes A Top Shelf Trailer A Level Above The Other trailers

Three Generations of Trailer Builders,  Mark Sr, Mark Jr.  And Mark 3, We call him " Big Louie"

​​ Dump Trailers

 You can configure your new Top Shelf Dump trailer as a bumper pull or gooseneck. With lots of different axle options to choose from we can assist you in the purchasing the right high quality dump trailer for application. 

 We are big believers is the dual cylinder lift system that we use on our standard 7 wide dump trailers. trailer for trailer or trailers will lift heavier loads than our competitors with scissor lifts in the same size trailer. 

 These are just a few of the many features that seperate a Top Shelf Dump Trailer from the other brands, please call us anytime for the best dump trailer you will ever own.