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  Our Family Started Selling Pjs Trailers back in 2002 When Mr. Peter Thiessen Himself the founder and owner invited My wife and me  to Texas to see his state of the art Manufacturing facility and talk about becoming a Pjs dealer in Florida.  Well back then we thought how in the world could we justify hauling trailers all the way from Texas to Florida to sell them, especially when there were several good manufatures like Anderson Trailers , or Triple Crown Trailers of Ocala, even Rools Rite Trailers out in west Florida was way closer than East Texas.  

 But Diane and I loaded up on a plane and off we went to Dallas and after driving to what seemed like the end of the world we passed Big Tex Trailers out on I-30 and headed north torwards Sumner Texas. When we got to to a big trailer manufacturing plant out in the boonies of norteast Texas we went in the office and introduced ourselves and and said Mr Thiessen was expecting us. They called back to his office annonced our names and out he comes , introduces himself "hello I am Cornelius Thiessen but I don't recall having an appointment with you" he was very polite, I responded " Oh you go by Cornelius ? I thought your name was Peter?" The room got quiet, he kind of snickered and the said "no thats the company that builds the lesser trailers across the street I am the better manufacture around here". And her preceded to to tell me thier name was Load Trail Trailers, and I felt like a true fool. But they were very nice and invited to tour the facility , but insisted that we head over and keep our appontment with his brother.

 Since then we have sold tens of millions in both products during our ownership of All Pro Trailers in Jacksonville Florida. 

Our Background With PJ Trailers