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 You can configure your new Top Shelf Dump trailer as a bumper pull or gooseneck. With lots of different axle options to choose from we can assist you in the purchasing the right high quality dump trailer for application. 

 We are big believers is the dual cylinder lift system that we use on our standard 7 wide dump trailers. trailer for trailer or trailers will lift heavier loads than our competitors with scissor lifts in the same size trailer. 

 These are just a few of the many features that seperate a Top Shelf Dump Trailer from the other brands, such as Texas Pride , Big Tex Dump Trailers, Tuff Dump Trailers or Triple Crown Dump Trailers. Please call us anytime for the best hydraulic dump trailer you will ever own. 

Big Louie Inspecting Hydraulic Cylinders      ( Or looking for bugs crawling under it             we're not sure )

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8 x 20 x 48 12 Ton Dump Trailer
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WE ARE A Family Owned Dump Trailer Manufacturerer

Three Generations of Trailer Builders,  Mark Sr, Mark Jr.  And Mark 3, We call him " Big Louie"

Three Generations Of Dump Trailer Builders
Mark Louis Fleischer third
7 x 16 x 5 Red Dump Trailer

Dump Trailers are our specialty its all we build . You can purchase our dump trailers for sale on Craigslist and  Google sites like Trailer Shopper helping us to sell  Our Dump Trailers in multiple states We are one of the largest companies with dump trailers for sale in Florida Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Alabama Virginia as well as the rest of the United States of America.  We Sell Direct we are the factory no dealer as a middle man. We are the manufacture. Whether you purchase  a 7x14 Top Shelf dump trailer or one our giant 8x20 26,000 lb. trailer the trailer will get is built under the watchful eyes of a Fleischer family member. 

 Located in just North of the Jacksonville Airport two miles off I95 it is a short drive to Orlando Tampa Ft  Myers or Miami and if you call for a dump trailer dor sale near me by 2 Pm we can usually have it delivered right to your door by the next afternoon, even locations as far way as Raleigh and Charlotte North Carolina can usually be delivered next day.

 So if  you live in the northeast? No worry , we have dump trailers headed for New Jersey, Virginia Maryland and all the way into New York and Pennsylvania every week don't hesitate to call us.

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Our Heavy Duty  Dual Cylinder and Telescopic Dump 7x14x48 Dump Trailers  will  make quick and easy work out of even the most extreme loads. We have over 75 of the Best Built Dump Trailers for sale ready for immediate pick up or delivery.

 You can build your new Top Shelf Dump trailer as a bumper pull or gooseneck dump trailer , with lots of different axle options to choose from. We can help you in the purchasing the right dump trailer for application.   We offer both dual cylinder and telescopic lift systems on our standard 7 and 8 wide wide dump trailers.

You are purchasing the Best Priced Dump Trailer For Sale In USA because we are the factory and offer delivery right to your door.  Our Only Business is Dump Trailers For Sale ,  we know our competitions trailers . Thats why we are not afraid to say that when you purchase a Top Shelf Dump Trailer that you are getting the best dump trailer in the market. 

Top Shelf Dump Trailers are built to the highest industry standards to provide years of trouble free use as well as lifting heavier loads than n our competitors with scissor lifts in the same size trailer.   These are just a few of the many features that seperate a Top Shelf Dump Trailer from the other brands, please call us anytime for the best dump trailer you will ever own. 

We are very proud to be one best family owned and operated dump trailer manufacture in the country. We specialize 7 and 8 foot wide low profile and deck over dump trailer sales and offer the Best Priced Dump Trailer  also We Can Deliver Right To You .  Whether you choose our original Heavy Duty Dual Cylinder or the single acting Telescopic Dump Trailer Top Shelf Trailers will get the job done.

This comes from my family manufacturing dump trailers for so long in Florida and Georgia. Our line of dump trailers and roll off trailers are built by Top Shelf Trailer Manufacturing here in Florida and sold direct to the end user all over the USA.

Commercial landscapers, roofers, and the heavy construction industry just to name a few are always looking for a dump trailer for sale  ,with our OVERBUILT Dump Trailers. Our manufacturing processes uses only the best steel, the best trailer axles, factory made molded sealed wiring harness, L.E.D lighting, as well as Industry leading anti corrosive primer and paint system to insure every Top Shelf Dump Trailer or Texas Pride Trailer provides years of service and value. 

If you don't have time to come to our sales lot don't just by the first dump trailer you see beside the road because think Oh. this dump trailer near me is more convenient .  We can deliver your Top Shelf Dump Trailer right to you home or office. Call for more delivery information.

 Thank You for looking at us, Mark Fleischer Jr. and Family

What Makes A Top Shelf Trailer A Level Above The Other trailers

Three Generations of Trailer Builders, Mark Sr, Mark Jr. And Mark 3, We call him " Big Louie"