​​ Dump Trailers

7x14 Dump Trailers

​​If you have a project with a lot of waste, a garbage can likely won't cut it for disposal. Whether you’re re-roofing, building, remodeling, or even cleaning up after a natural disaster, you need a large bin for waste disposal. Our 7x14 dump trailers hold more than 4,000 cubic feet of material and up to 14,000 pounds, but they can still be attached to a bumper safely.

Why Work With Us?

At Top Shelf Trailers, we focus on dump trailers. Because dump trailers of various sizes are the only products we manufacture and we deliver your order straight to you, we offer a quick turnaround time. Plus, as a family-owned business, we are willing to be flexible if you need us to. With our flexible hours and fast manufacturing speeds, you can receive your trailer and start work on your project quickly.

Plus, if you know you’ll need multiple trailers, such as for a large construction project, we can manufacture up to eight per day and take care of your whole order right away.

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