The Fleischer Dump Trailer Family

About Me and TopShelf Trailers

The third generation of trailer builder was born healthy and happy, baby and mom are doing fine.  Mark Louis Fleischer The Third came into this world smiling and grinning from ear to ear.


   My name is Mark Fleischer Jr. I was born into the trailer business 30 years ago and have been working in for my parents since I was 14 years old (Part Time ) and full time summers and after high school graduation. My parents owned one of the largest dump trailer manufacturing companies in the southeast until they sold it in 2013 to a big trailer manufacture out of Texas.  I tried the new guys but the corporate world just wasn't for me. 

   So I have started my own dump  trailers sales company and now can provide you with the toughest, heaviest hauling Dump Trailers in the country.

   Starting on a broom and filling every job in my parents plants for 11 years I know what makes a trailer "Top Shelf" and that's the only kind I will sell. 

   I have the experience and expertise to make your buying experience different. Real personal Service and Professional Parts and Service experience my dad taught me I can help you with all your trailer needs including repairs and parts. So call me

   Thank You 

   Mark  Fleischer Jr.  or Talk to mom  (Diane)

   Don't hesitate to call me 24/7  I work for living just like you !!!

Happy Customer With New Top Shelf Dump Trailer