Dump trailer batteries need to be charged by the tow vehicle in order to operate at their best capacity. 

Our trailers are equipped a 3/4" LED on the back wall of the pump box. If your truck is charging through the 7 way plug when running " THE LED WILL LIGHT UP WHEN YOU PUSH THE UP OR DOWN BUTTON " 

If this light does not show truck charging you need to check the 7 way plugon the truck side per our wiring diagrams .

If you’re using a standard 110-volt outlet and the battery maintainer in the pump box you will need to leave it hooked up for a minimum of 3 days between dumps, this is why the tow vehicle must be charging the dump trailer battery.

If you need to charge the battery overnight because your truck is not charging your dump trailer battery through the 7 way plug you will need to use a larger charger capable of at least 30 amp charge rate.

Battery Charging and Maintenance