Tech Support And Instructions

If your truck is equipped with a factory installed plug it still may have a blown fuss or bad charge relay, information  about your trucks auxiliary charging an be found in the owners manual or by searching the internet.  We have included a color detailed picture of the most common truck 7 way socket and plugs to make it easier for you to test..

 If you purchased your dump trailer from Top Shelf Trailers and it is a 7 wide or larger it will be equipped with 110 volt battery charger with an external plug that is also equipped with a battery charge level indicator. Just push the button to test the battery.

Type The #1 repetitive failure Dump Trailer owners experience is caused Low Battery Voltage from an undercharged battery. If the Battery is relatively new this problem usually occurs from either the Tow Vehicle Not having a working  a 12 volt charge circuit or the trailer not being wired to charge from the tow

Click Here For Trailer Light Diagnostics

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At Top Shelf Trailers  with our manufacturing background and and 28 years of retail trailer parts and service experience and can help resolve your issues. If your dump trailer is not working properly please check our troubleshooting help pages as we will be updating these pages continuously to help solve your issues quickly. In the event that you can't resolve your problem please don't hesitate to give us call and we will get you back to work .


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