Avoid flat tires from nails resulting from hurricane damage or nails at the dumps


How does This Tire Sealant work?

Our Tire Sealant contains biodegradable fibers and recycled rubber particles in uniform suspension throughout a fluid carrier. When a puncture occurs, the escaping air forces the carrier and fibers to the penetration making a solid permanent repair from the inside . . . out!

Does This Tire Sealant make a permanent seal?

Yes. This Tire Sealant will seal injuries to the crown area of the tire caused by puncturing objects up to 1/4” in diameter. However, it is not a vulcanized repair. If the tire is dismounted and this Tire Sealant is removed, new Tire Sealant will need to be installed before returning to service.

Can you repair a tubeless tire after an injury occurs?

Yes. Simply install the Tire Sealant through the valve stem with the puncture at the 6:00 position and inflate the tire. Roll the tire back and forth or drive the equipment. With Tire Sealant on service trucks, tires can be repaired on the highway without removing the tire from the vehicle.

Will Tire Sealant seal a sidewall puncture?

No. Tire Sealant may slow sidewall leaks but will not seal.

What are the reasons why a tire containing Tire Sealant will go flat?

95% of the cases are caused by not enough Tire Sealant installed in the tire. Refer to the Application Chart. Alternatively, if injury to the tire is larger than 1/4” in diameter, or if you are attempting to repair a tube type tire after it has gone flat, or if there are injuries that exist outside the crown area of the tire, they could contribute to the tire going flat.

When Tire Sealant seals multiple punctures in the same tire, is it possible that one or more of the punctures could "unseal"?

No. Tire Sealant will form a permanent seal for the tread life of the tire

Will Tire Sealant in any way cause damage to the tire, innerliner, or tube?

No. Confirmed by independent testing.

Can a proper tire repair be made to a tire that has had  Tire Sealant installed?

Yes. Simply remove the Tire Sealant from the area to be repaired and follow recommended tire repair practices.

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