This is a discussion that is used as a sales pitch by dealers an is not a Fact.  As the Founder of All Pro Trailers I have been building Dump trailers since 1998.

   At Top Shelf Trailers We prefer Direct Push Cylinders for the same reason companies that build really big Dump Truck and Roll Off builders like Caterpillar and Galbreath Industries only use Twin Cylinders to build with.

  We at Top Shelf Trailers use Direct Push (Twin or Single Telescopic Cylinder ) over scissor style hoists in most applications because they are simply a more powerful lifting system.  Our twin Cylinder sytems will dump payloads  over 15,000 lbs and up dumping capacity in the event you accidentally overload your  trailer. An example would be a roofer that overloads a 14 or 16 foot scissor lift dump  trailer with 14 to 16 thousand pounds and spends 45 minutes to an hour extra at the dump shoveling and hand offloading several times a month in the 90 degree heat versus spending that time working and earning .  With our twin cylinder trailer he would have dumped and went back to work.

  At Top Shelf Trailers we have built every style and chose the twin cylinder as a main line on our 7 wide dump trailers mainly because the big Mining Dump Trucks all use dual cylinders, so do the roll off trucks that do the 30 yard cans.

  The only reason we can figure out the larger manufactures in Texas such as Big Tex Trailer, PJs, Load Trail , and Iron Bull went to Scissor Hoist is they are much easier to install and do not require as much fabrication and welding skills, allowing the mass production plants to hire lower skilled and paid employees .  At Top Shelf Trailers our employees are all highly skilled fabricators with varied backgrounds from truck body building, trailer manufacturing, to ship and submarine building and repair at one of the many Naval bases in our area. 

 We are also a family run company with two generations on site to see to it that our customers get the true heavy duty dump trailer they have been purchasing from the Fleischer family for the last 22 years. 

You don't find scissor lifts in either of these heavy duty style vehicles.

True Heavy Dump Trailers Use Twin Cylinders 

Twin Cylinder Versus Scissor  Lift Dump Trailers